Capito & Friends


Capito Consulting has an extensive network and is also known for its expertise in providing specialised solutions for events, congresses, conferences and entertainment locations. These solutions range from touristic strategies to technical methods, including audio-visual options and 'turn key' event productions.

One thing that sets Capito Consulting apart from many other event planning companies is its global reach. With a network spanning 60 countries, the company is well-equipped to consult in all type and sizes of events, regardless of their location.

In Asia and South East Asia, Capito Consulting has a strong presence through its partner company C2C Asian Network Ltd., based in Bangkok.

Wether you'r planning a small conference or a large-scale international event at any entertainment location, Capito Consulting has the experience and recourses to help ensure its success.


Our core clients are in the automotive industry. Capito Consulting and C2C Asian Network Ltd. have a deep understanding of the unique requirements and demands of this sector, which allows them to provide tailored solutions. Wether it's a car launch, test day, or F1 hospitality event, they have the experience and network to execute events that meet the clients expectations.